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French cello labeled "Henri Farny", Mirecourt circa 1910
Catalog ID: C-1704

"Henri Farny" (sometimes labeled "Henri Farny & Cie") is a trade name given to a line of woodwind, brass, and stringed instruments imported from Germany and France to the United States for resale by the Wurlitzer Company. Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer (1831-1914), a German immigrant who founded the Wurlitzer Company in Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1850s, named the brand after his brother-in-law, the famous French-born painter and illustrator Henry (Henri) François Farny (1847-1916), whose art studio was located across the street from the Wurlitzer shop. Wurlitzer imported stringed instruments from his family's workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany, as well as ateliers in France for the "Henri Farny" line, including this cello.

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