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Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach Violin, Milan 1953

Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach Violin, Milan 1953
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Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach, Milan 1953 Orange varnish. 357mm. 4/4

Catalog ID: C-1286

Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach violin, Milan 1953

This violin by the Bisiach brothers is a fine example of the talented makers' work and is in pristine condition. The prominent figure of the two-piece maple back adds to the beauty of the well-made instrument. The sound is open and warm, and projects well in a large space. The lightning-quick response and even tone make it ideal for professional players or those pursuing a professional playing career.

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from James Warren at Kenneth Warren and Son, Ltd.

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