John Aniano silver cello bow
Catalog ID: C-1172

John Aniano began bowmaking in 1977 at age 17. His violin teacher at the time, Francine Nadeau Walsh allowed him to take detailed measurements and tracings of her violin bows. He purchased some pernambuco blanks and went to work. His early bows were made by essentially self-taught methods.

After high school, he enrolled in the Industrial Arts program at Montclair University and made several bows for independent study credits. It was at this time that Aniano contacted William Salchow to ask about proper bowmaking methods. At his urging, Aniano began to make regular Saturday morning visits to his New York City shop to get pointers on how bows were made and repaired. After completing his college studies and graduating in December 1981, Aniano began working for Mr. Salchow as a full-time employee. He worked there until December 1983 and continued to make bows until he attended Rutgers University where he studied ceramic engineering.

After graduating from Rutgers, Aniano spent several years working for firms involved with fiber optics and telecommunications, although he continued to be an avid woodworker. Because of the downturn in the telecommunications industry, he eventually chose to return to bowmaking and has attended the Oberlin Bowmaker Workshops held from 2002 through 2011.

John Aniano Round, silver and ebony frog. 81g 4/4