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Strings Attached; Lipman/Kupchynsky (Hyperion)

Strings Attached; Lipman/Kupchynsky (Hyperion)

Who is that one person who changed your life forever? The one who pushed you to dream bigger and reach higher?

STRINGS ATTACHED is a powerful memoir about the astonishing impact one man - a public-school music teacher - had on the lives of thousands of students. He could be fierce, rehearsing his students until their fingers almost bled, but in the process he made them better and stronger than they had any right to be. What they didn't know was the tragedy he had hidden in his own life. STRINGS ATTACHED lyrically tells his story, from his childhood on the run from the Nazis, to the disappearance of one of his beloved daughters. His is a remarkable story of resilience, of how one man transformed his own heartache into a legacy of joy for generations of students.

Heartbreaking yet ultimately triumphant, STRINGS ATTACHED is a testament to the power of hope -- and a celebration of the profound influence one person can have on the lives of others.

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