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Rhythm Reader, Level 2; Snyder (HL)

Rhythm Reader, Level 2; Snyder (HL)

Rhythm Reader, level 2 by Audrey Snyder

40 pages

Here is a follow-up to Audrey Snyder's popular rhythm reading method. Designed for choirs, bands, orchestras and general music classes, 'The Rhythm Reader II' promotes quick comprehension with solid rhythm reading resulting in only a few minutes of use each rehearsal. Volume II continues the sequential curriculum by offering instruction and practice in ties, dotted rhythms, cut time and other meters, sixteenth note combinations, compound meters, triplets and more. The concepts are introduced logically and sequentially throughout more than 100 exercises. Optional recorded accompaniments on the CD promote high motivation and success for all students. These recordings feature a wide variety of styles and timbres from classical to reggae, string quartet to rock, making learning to sight-read FUN!

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