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Success! With the Violin and Life; Ruth Shilling (All One World)
  • Practice techniques and step-by-step stragegies help you learn quickily and well.
  • Vibrato: Develop a rich, satisfying sound using arm, wrist and fingers
  • Bow Control: Execute challenging string crossings with ease, sustain a full, rich tone on long bows and multi-note slurs...
  • Shifting: Movve with relaxed confidence
  • Memorizing using auditory, visual and muscle memory
  • Performing and Auditioning Well and ways to preare
  • Also: Playing double-stops, Erasing mistakes, Develop practice strategies and routines, Learing orchestra parts quickly, Speeding up your fingers, Inspired playing, and so much more!
Book Type: For Learning and Fun
Publisher: All One World
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