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Edly's Music Theory for Practical People; Ed Roseman (Musical Edventures)
  • By Ed Roseman, illustrations by Peter Reynolds
  • Chords, scales, modes, keys & key signatures, chord progressions, chord substitution, the circle of fifths, improvisation, transposition, ear-training, song form, cadences. And more! Plus the bonus of the hip, witty drawings by Reynolds.
  • So unusual and fun, even an ex-grad student can get excited...could make all the difference to the student whose eyes glaze over at the mention of theory.
  • Emie Rideour: Keyboard Magazine
"Music theory ought not be dreary!" Edly's Music Theory for Practical People by Ed Roseman is by far one of the most entertaining book on music theory. It is understandable and easy to read, covering all of the fundamental areas of theory from diatonic intervals to chord construction to tritone substitutions. Ear training is also covered as is the philosophy of improvisation (including tips for better improv.) Recommended for anyone new to music theory! This popular book has 145 pages and is published by Musical Ed Ventures.
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