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PracticeMind for Everyone; Hans Jorgen Jensen and Oleksander Mycyk

PracticeMind for Everyone; Hans Jorgen Jensen and Oleksander Mycyk

PracticeMind for Everyone

  • The Complete Practice Model
  • By Hans Jørgen Jensen and Oleksander Mycyk

New revised edition for all instruments

A four-part method book that will transform the way you practice and perform. With practical exercises and examples from the repertory, PracticeMind guides you on your path toward instrument mastery.

* Improve your practice and performance with proven methods backed by decades of teaching experience and research.

* Build practice skills and habits that will elevate your playing (and teaching) to new heights.

* Harness the power of your practice mind to improve the effectiveness of your daily practice and bring joy to the process of advancing your abilities as a musical artist.

* Using proven methods backed by extensive research and teaching experience PracticeMind provides a complete model for improving and sustaining an effective practice routine.

Book Type: Books About Music
Publisher: Ovation Press, Ltd.
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Book Type Books About Music