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Audition Day; Blaise Dejardin (Opus Cello)

Audition Day; Blaise Dejardin (Opus Cello)

Audition Day: Your Guide for a Successful Orchestral Cello Audition

Taking a professional orchestral audition is a unique challenge in the life of a young musician. In this how-to book, Blaise Déjardin (Principal Cellist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) takes you on a journey through all the necessary steps to achieve a successful audition. You will learn how to plan your preparation, from organizing your practice sessions to managing your mental state, so that you can show up feeling ready and confident on audition day. In addition to a step by step plan of action, this book includes 38 orchestral cello excerpts, complete with fingerings, bowings and detailed instructions on how to approach each excerpt.

Book Type: Books About Music
Publisher: Opus Cello
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Book Type Books About Music