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Advocate for Music!; Lynn M. Brinckmeyer (Oxford University Press)

Advocate for Music!; Lynn M. Brinckmeyer (Oxford University Press)

Advocate For Music!: A Guide to User-Friendly Strategies by Lynn M. Brinckmeyer

  • - Oxford University Press

In Advocate for Music!, Lynn M. Brinckmeyer, respected educator and past president for the National Association for Music Education, provides a manual for music teachers motivated to advocate but lacking the experience, resources, or time to acquire the skills to do so effectively. It will serve as a toolkit for advocating, and also for sharing resources, strategies and ideas useful for educating everyone - from community members to political representatives - about the immediate and long-term benefits of music education.

ISBN: 9780190219154

Book Type: Books About Music
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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