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Progressive Repertoire, Bass, piano accompaniment 3; George Vance (Carl Fischer)

Piano Accompaniment for Book 3.

An excellent method for teaching double bass to both young and adult beginners, and the advanced player. Introducing primarily the intervals of octaves, fifths and fourths, a logical step to ready the student for the smaller intervals which are not as easy to hear accurately. A superb preparation for the aspiring student to pursue other methods of higher technique.

  • Gavotte - Gossec
  • Tre Gioni (from Lo Frate Innamorato ) - Pergolesi
  • Wild Rider (from Album for the Young ) - Schumann
  • The Elephant (from Carnival of the Animals ) - Saint-Saens
  • Berceuse - Jarnefelt
  • La Cinquantaine - Gabriel-Marie
  • Gavotte (from Mignon ) - Thomas
  • Minuet l'Antique - Paderewski
  • Adagio and Presto (from Sontata #10 ) - Antoniotti
  • Recitative and Chorale (from Symphony #9 ) - Beethoven
  • Romance and Rondo - Keyper
  • Concerto (1st movement) - Nanny (formerly attribued to Dragonetti)
Book Type: Method
Publisher: Carl Fischer Publishing
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