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Time Pieces for Double Bass, volume 2; Slatford (Associated Board Royal School of Music)

Time Pieces for Double Bass, vol.2 (grades 4-6)
with piano accompaniment
Music Through the Ages in Two Volumes

  • Byrd; Whereat an Ant
  • Froberger; Gigue
  • Rameau; Le Lardon et La Boiteuse
  • Handel; Allegro from Concerto Grosso Op. 6/8
  • Paradies; Andande from Sonata No. 9
  • Spohr; Allegro from String Quartet Op. 4/2
  • Cherubini; Canon from Ecrevisse (duet)
  • Mendelssohn; Venetian Gondola Song
  • Grieg; Hunting Song
  • Tchaikovsky; Daydream from Album for Children
  • Faure; Autumn, Op. 18/3
  • Waud; Study #17 from Progressive Tutor for Double Bass
  • Henderson; Black Bottom
  • Kabalevsky; Cavalryman
  • Benjamin; Jamaican Rhumba
  • Dare; Cradle Song
  • Bryars; Room 42
Book Type: Collections, Repertoire
Ensemble: Accompanied Solos
Publisher: ABRSM Publishing
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