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Thirty Etudes for the String Bass; Franz Simandl (Carl Fischer)


Maestoso, In C major

  • Andante con moto, in F major
  • Marciale, in B-flat major
  • Allegro ma non troppo, in E-flat major
  • Allegro maestoso, in A minor
  • Allegro ma non troppo, in A major
  • Andante comodo, in G major
  • Allegro moderato, in G minor
  • Moderato, in E major
  • Moderato maestoso, in C minor
  • Allegro scherzando, in A minor
  • Moderato quasi andante, in A-flat major
  • Maestoso assai, in E-flat minor
  • Maestoso molto pesante, in B major
  • Andantino, in B minor
  • Allegro marcato, in B-flat major
  • Tempo di Polacca, in E minor
  • Allegro maestoso, in E major
  • Largo, in C-sharp minor
  • Moderato assai, in F major
  • Risoluto, in F minor
  • Andante, in D-flat major
  • Larghetto, in G-sharp minor
  • Allegretto, in G-flat major
  • Allegro pesante, in D minor
  • Grave, in D major
  • Lento, in F-sharp major
  • Allegretto moderato, in B-flat minor
  • Andante con moto, in F-sharp minor
  • Allegro, in E minor
Book Type: Method
Publisher: Carl Fischer Publishing
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