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CelloGard Cello Stand with Gray Sleeves

Catalog ID: ACCEGARD01

CelloGard is a product designed to do one thing - prevent cellos from being accidentally knocked over when resting unattended on their sides.

It is constructed out of industrial grade nylon which is extremely flexible, durable, and tough. This combination of flexibility and toughness is key to its ability to automatically adapt to a wide variety of cello sizes and shapes, to both resist and absorb the force of accidental blows, and yet avoid damage to the instrument. Fits cellos sizez 1/2 - 4/4.

CelloGard comes with a pair of soft grey neoprene sleeves already installed so that it is ready for immediate use.

Eight additional sleeve colors are offered as options, each sold separately: Black, White, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, and Purple.

Please visit www.celloGard.com for more information and to register for customer support.

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