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4/4 Louis Bazin silver-mounted violin bow stamped Silvestre et Maucotel
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Louis Bazin, stamped Silvestre et Maucotel Round, silver and ebony frog and button not original. 4/4

Catalog ID: A-VNB/3137

(Charles) Louis Bazin (1881-1953) was the son, pupil, and in 1907, the successor of Charles Nicolas Bazin II. Louis started making bows at the young age of 12, serving his apprenticeship with his father. He took over the family workshop in 1907, where his father continued to work with him until his death in 1915. Louis Bazin retired in 1952 and his son Charles Alfred Bazin took over his workshop. Louis Bazin achieved the highest standard and renown in his craft. During the 20th century, his bows were widely acclaimed by many players, including French virtuoso William Henley: No better bows made by any contemporary maker.

  • This bow was made by Louis Bazin to be sold at the firm of Silvestre and Maucotel. It bears the latter's brand stamp and is carved from high-quality dark pernambuco. The French silver and ebony frog and button, which are not original to the stick, are both of excellent quality.
  • The bow is being sold with a certificate of authenticity from Paul Childs.


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