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Alfred Vidoudez violin, Geneva 1918
Catalog ID: A-VN/3941

French-Swiss violin and bow maker Alfred Vidoudez (1879 - 1943) studied at the Bazin workshop in Mirecourt, France, and with Léon Mougenot in Brussels, Belgium. After serving in the military, Vidoudez worked for Léon Bernardel in Paris, before moving to Geneva, Switzerland to establish his own workshop in 1904. With assistance from his son, violin maker Pierre Vidoudez (1907 - 1994), the Vidoudez workshop grew to become one of the most prestigious in Europe, known for bow making as well as violin making. Numerous acclaimed bow makers were employed there, including François Lotte and Bernard Ouchard, whose bows were stamped "Vidoudez-Genève." Vidoudez received several awards for his instruments, including medals at expositions in Bern and Lyon, and was appointed as luthier of the Geneva Conservatory. With his son, Vidoudez co-authored a book analyzing one of Antonio Stradivari's "Ex-Castelbarco" cellos.

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