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Jules Grandjon violin, Mirecourt circa 1850

Catalog ID: A-VN/3614

Born in Mirecourt, France in 1824, Jules Joseph Grandjon studied with his father, violin maker Prosper Gérard Grandjon (fl. 1820-1867). Known as “Grandjon fils,” Jules Grandjon travelled to Paris to apprentice in well-known shops, including that of Charles François Gand and ostensibly Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume's famous workshop (many Grandjon instruments are labeled "Èleve de J. B. Vuillaume"). He also worked in Amsterdam with Louis Bernardel, before returning to Mirecourt c. 1850 to expand the Grandjon workshop with his father. Among the most renowned violin shops flourishing in Mirecourt during the middle to late 19th century, the Grandjon atelier employed many outstanding luthiers and produced a vast number of violins, violas, and cellos, which were very popular throughout the world. Grandjon instruments received awards at the International Exhibitions in Paris (1855) and London (1862).

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