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4/4 Daniel Moinel & L. Barthel violin, Paris 1942
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D. Moinel And L. Barthel, Paris 1942 Evenly applied red varnish. 355mm. Sold with Rampal certificate 4/4

Catalog ID: A-VN/3021
  • Moinel & Barthel violin

    This beautiful modern French violin, in an excellent state of preservation, is a wonderful example of Parisian making in the mid 20th century. The handling of the edges, purfling, scroll and deep red varnish displays a masterful hand. Based on a Guaneri pattern, the violin is true to the Cremonese style without trying to be an exact copy. The instrument sings with a voice that is full and complex. It is quick to respond and projects well. This violin is being sold with a certificate of authenticity from Jean-Jacques Rampal.


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