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François Peccatte cello bow, Mirecourt circa 1850

François Peccatte cello bow, Mirecourt circa 1850
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A highly successful and prolific bow maker in the mid 19th century despite his short life, François Peccatte ("Peccatte jeune" 1821-1855) was the younger brother of celebrated maker Dominique Peccatte ("Peccatte aine" 1810 -1874), and father of Charles Peccatte (1850-1918), another influential bow maker. François apprenticed in Mirecourt until 1839, when he moved to Paris to work with Dominique, who had earned a distinguished reputation working for Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume and had taken over the business of bow maker François Lupot II. In 1842 and 1847 respectively, François and Dominique returned to Mirecourt, where they maintained independent workshops and collaborated on the production of numerous bows. In 1852, François returned to Paris to work in the Vuillaume workshop until his premature death in 1855 at just 34 years old.

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