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4/4 E. Cuniot Hury silver-mounted cello bow c. 1900
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Eugene Cuniot Hury, Stamped J. Hel Round, silver and ebony frog. Sold with a Salchow and Sons certificate. 4/4
Weight: 82.0 lbs

Catalog ID: A-CEB/3051
  • This silver-mounted cello bow is a fine example of Eugene Cuniot Hury's craftsmanship, made circa 1900. Cuniot Hury was trained by his father, Pierre Cuniot, and was also influenced by the work of his contemporary, Charles Nicolas Bazin. Cuniot Hury's bows were much in demand during his lifetime, and continue to be appreciated by musicians of the highest caliber today. This bow is gracefully carved, and feels elegant in the hand. It has plenty of give, but is resilient and draws a complex and resonant sound. This bow is sold with a certificate of authenticity from Isaac Salchow of Salchow & Sons.


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