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Prosper Cabasse cello, c. 1820

Prosper Cabasse cello, c. 1820
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Prosper Cabasse, c. 1820 Light golden-brown varnish. 733mm 4/4

Catalog ID: A-CE/3192

Prosper Cabasse Cello, c. 1820Prosper Cabasse was a French maker working in Mirecourt and Paris around the turn of the 19th century. This cello from around 1820 is a beautiful example of the maker's work, and it has survived in excellent condition. Based on a petite model, it is ideal for smaller players or those looking for a comfortable full-size cello. The cello is easy to play and responds to even the lightest touch. It sings clearly throughout the registers. The tone is broad and warm despite the cello's petite size.

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