Guillaume Turgeon violin, Montréal 2023

Guillaume Turgeon violin, Montréal 2023
Catalog ID: N-VN/5163

Canadian luthier Guillaume Turgeon was a cabinetmaker before beginning his training at the National School of Violin Making in Québec, Canada. After obtaining his degree in 2007, he joined the workshop of Pier Bergeron, where he was involved in the repair and restoration of quartet instruments. He continued training with violin makers Jean-Benoit Stensland and Thérèse Girard, later working independently and sharing a workshop space with award-winning maker Fabienne Gauchet. Turgeon was instrumental in the creation of the Collectif Luthier Montréal, a trade organization made up of mostly violin and bow makers who collaborate, share knowledge and experiences, and generally work together to further their craft.

Length of back: 359 mm 4/4
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Instrument Style Turgeon, Guillaume