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Steven Beckley cello bow

Steven Beckley cello bow
Catalog ID: N-CEB/3870

California native Steven Beckley worked as a luthier in the construction and restoration of classical guitars before becoming interested in bow making. After studying for several years with William Salchow in New York City, he returned to California to work for Boyd Poulsen.

Beckley currently builds bows from his studio in Mendocino, where he also runs summer bow making workshops. He is a frequent presenter at the Violin Society of America conventions, has collaborated with D. William Halsey, William Salchow, and Boyd Poulsen on a bow donated to the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative, and has been featured on the DYI Network's Handmade Music series. Beckley is also the founder of, a source of bow making materials.

Round. Silver and ebony frog and button. 4/4
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