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Johnson Performer Acoustic-Electric Violin
Catalog ID: EIVNJSIP1137
The Johnson Performer Acoustic-Electric Violin is a Johnson String Instrument exclusive. We've paired a handcrafted Snow SV100 violin with an LR Baggs Violin Pickup, completely set-up by our own expert luthiers.
Snow SV100 Violin: These popular violins are made from beautifully figured select tonewoods and hand-rubbed with antique varnish. An Italian spruce top and maple back are used for a warm and smooth tone with the characeristic Stradivari brilliance. All Snow violins are hand-made and offer exceptional craftsmanship and value. Over the past years, Snow has consulted leading luthiers from Italy, France, the UK and the US for specific guidance regarding construction, tone production and varnishing . The company has continued to refine its artistry and follow the latest technologies in crafting exquisite stringed instruments. Snow proudly carries a passion to create new ideas around its instruments. All Snow instruments are handmade from woods from the Sichuan and Yun-nan Provinces, and from the North East region of China. The wood is naturally dried outside on a covered, ventilated area for several years. The wood is then placed into a drying room consistent with old world traditional European practices. This process ensures that the wood will not open or expand and guarantees stability.
LR Baggs Violin Pickup: The LR Baggs Violin Pickup features a miniature vibration transducer cast right into the bridge. The transducer is designed to accept the tone-rich left/right movement of the bridge, reject feedback, eliminate scratchy nasal sounds, and trace the natural sound of the instrument. This violin pickup has set the standard since its inception and it is the top choice of more top pros including Alison Krauss, Michael Doucet, Darol Anger, and Jean-Luc Ponty, than any other pickup. The pickup is a miniature vibration transducer cast directly into a no.7 Superior Despiau Two Tree maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. As an integral part of the bridge, it effortlessly captures the instrument's inherent dynamics. Furthermore, it's selective admittance pattern is aligned so that the signal is generated as the bridge moves in a left-right motion (in response to the string vibrations). The transducer also rejects any impulse directed to the plane of the bridge, minimizing annoying finger squeaks, body noise and feedback. The L.R. Baggs Violin Pickup also features unprecedentedly consistent performance, and will not affect the tone of the violin.
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