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GEWA Novita 3.0 Electric 4-String Black Violin

Catalog ID: EIVNGEWGS400/1B

The GEWA Novita 3.0 Electric 4-String Black Violin GS400.300 model is an electric instrument designed with acoustic sensibilities. It features a stylish modern design crafted from traditional spruce top and maple back and sides with a modern semi-gloss finish that shows off the natural wood grain. The instrument uses a specially made piezo pickup from Gewa to deliver expressive sound, and can be connected to headphones for practicing purposes, or to an amplifier for performances. The instrument's active preamp has two tone knobs to dial in the perfect sound that you are looking for. The instrument includes a 1/8" aux input for playing along with music, and the 1/4" amp/headphone output.

The instrument is outfitted with Wittner's Ultra Composite tailpiece, Zuerich model chinrest, Isny shoulder rest, and Finetune geared pegs. The Wittner Finetune pegs allow the player to easily and precisely tune the instrument without having to deal with tailpiece fine tuners. The Wittner Zuerich chinrest is also height-adjustable which, when combined with the adjustability of the Isny shoulder rest will allow the player to create an optimal playing posture. The instrument fits in all Gewa cases, and also comes with several foam pads which can be used to improve the fit in most other violin cases.


  • Instrument size: 4/4
  • Body: Spruce top, Maple back/sides
  • Weight: 550g
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Bridge: Traditional Aubert bridge
  • Strings: Thomastik Alphayue
  • Pegs: Wittner geared tuning pegs
  • Pickup: Gewa piezo pickup mounted on Aubert bridge
  • Electronics Controls: Active pickup with preamp; volume, treble, and bass tone knobs and two-way switch for amp/headphone output
  • Input/Output: 1/8" Aux input for practicing along with recordings, 1/4" output for headphone/amplifier
  • Shoulder and Chinrest options: Includes Wittner Zuerich height adjustable chinrest and Wittner Isny shoulder rest (can be used with other Wittner chinrests)
  • Power supply: Requires 9-volt battery (included)
Weight: 3.0 lbs
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List Price: $990.00