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NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black

NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black NS Design NXT4a Viola, Black

The NXTa Electric Viola, with new active output electronics, embodies physical elegance, tremendous ease of play, and amazing tone. Crafted to exacting standards in the Czech Republic, this series sets a high standard for performance and versatility in any setting. The instrument's ergonomic design, including the innovative adjustable chin and shoulder rest make the NS instruments remarkably easy to play. NS Design set the pace as some of the lightest electrics on the market.

Solid Maple Body and Neck: The NS Viola is crafted of solid maple, with an elegant flame maple face. This lightweight solid-body design transfers the full spectrum of sound to the pickup without feedback, and is very stable even with changes in temperature and humidity. The ergonomic shoulder and chin rest provide comfortable, stable support, and a removable treble side bout is included for left hand position reference.

Polar Pickups: The NS Viola features the Polar bridge-mounted piezo pickup system. The Polar pickups can sense either vertical or lateral string vibration. Set in the vertical mode, plucked notes are remarkably even and sustained. In the lateral mode, the pickup has unparalleled sensitivity in the direction of the bow, with more attack when plucked.

Passive/Active Electronics: Using the supplied charger, connect the NXTa to any AC outlet for 60 seconds. This will fuel the capacitor-powered active circuit for 16 hours from the time of the charge. The instrument can then be plugged straight into any low or high impedance device, no direct box necessary. The NXTa can be also be played in passive mode with an amplifier with an impedance of 1 meg ohm or greater (3-10 meg ohm recommended) or with a direct box. (This mode provides performance capabilities identical to the original NXT.). NXTa instruments are battery-free, eliminating the hassle and cost of batteries while helping protect our environment.


  • Size: ~16in
  • Length: 585mm
  • Width: 117mm
  • Thickness: 49mm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Scale Length: 366mm
Weight: 8.0 lbs
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List Price: $2,715.00
Instrument Style NS Design