CodaBow Diamond NX Viola Bow

CodaBow Diamond NX Viola Bow
Catalog ID: C-VAB/CB51B4

CodaBow Diamond NX Viola Bow

Inheriting the same traditional design as the professional models of the Diamond Collection, the CodaBow DIAMOND NX delivers an uncomplicated, sweet tone emphasizing the fundamental of the pitch. The stronger, firmer stick and increased weight allows advancing students more stability and accommodation while developing their technique. Though less nuanced in sound and feel, it offers consistency and control across a wide platform of technique. With a clear tone and supportive design, the CodaBow DIAMOND NX is ideal for pre-professionals, amateurs, and students.


  • 10-Year WARRANTY
  • Tone Color: Clear, Sustained
  • Touch: Strong, Firm


  • Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip
  • Weight: Medium
  • Action: Moderate-Firm
  • Stiffness: Medium-Stiff
Weight: 0.3 lbs
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