Johnson String Three-Star cello bow

Johnson String Three-Star cello bow
Catalog ID: C-CEB/SQ312S

The Johnson String three-star workshop bows are made to our specifications and hand-selected from the very best Chinese workshops. All bows are handmade in the time-honored tradition from high quality materials.

Johnson String three-star cello bows have beautifully balanced and flexible pernambuco sticks which produce excellent tone quality. The bows execute all bow strokes and techniques easily, with clarity of articulation.

Of the three levels of Johnson String workshop bows, the three-star bows are suitable for the advanced player.

Features Include:

  • Silver-mounted ebony frog decorated with Parisian eyes
  • Vuillaume-style frog mounting
  • Silver winding with reptile grip
  • Double-banded buttons with silver and ebony
  • Mammoth ivory tips
  • High quality pernambuco wood
  • Highest quality horse hair
  • Weights between 80.9g-81.9g
Silver and ebony frog and button. 4/4
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