André Vigneron violin bow, Paris circa 1915

André Vigneron violin bow, Paris circa 1915
Catalog ID: C-2941

André Vigneron (1881–1924) was a leading French bow maker at the turn of the 20th century. As a young man, he worked closely with his father and mentor, Joseph Arthur Vigneron, at the latter’s workshop in Paris. He also worked for Eugéne Sartory, and following his father’s death in 1905, he inherited the atelier and began his independent career.

Initially, André Vigneron’s model was cut similar to his father’s, but he eventually became known for using a more personal model for the heads of his bows. Some of his work’s defining characteristics are the thinner heads, more delicate buttons, and narrower frogs.

He used a number of brands throughout his career, including his father’s Vigneron Paris, which he used until 1910 and occasionally in the 1920s. He began to stamp his bows A. Vigneron à Paris in 1910 and André Vigneron Paris later on.

Octagonal. Ebony and silver fittings. 4/4
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Instrument Style Vigneron, Andre