Stephen Marvin Betts model cello bow

Stephen Marvin Betts model cello bow
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Bow maker Stephen Marvin became interested in the craft in 1980 while pursuing a career in early music as a violinist and violist. He learned the basics of modern bow making with William Salchow in New York and soon began researching bow models made before 1800. After examining and measuring historical bows found in museums and collections in Europe and the United States, Marvin began building reproductions of early bow models, as well as some selected modern examples, in his workshop in Toronto, Canada.

Marvin builds early model bows based on original surviving examples from the late 17th century through the Classical era of bow making. Some of his main influences are the bows of Meauchand, Leonard Tourte, and the Dodd family. He also makes modern bows inspired by Dominique Peccatte. Numerous professional players from top early-music orchestras all over the world own Marvin bows, including musicians in the acclaimed Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, where Marvin was a principle violinist for over 25 years.

A prolific researcher and writer, Marvin's articles on historical bow making have appeared in The Strad and other string instrument publications. In his spare time, he is also an avid writer of fiction.

Round swartzia stick. Swartzia fittings. 4/4
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