Matthew Wehling bow

Matthew Wehling bow
Catalog ID: C-2560

American bow maker Matthew Wehling apprenticed in the workshop of William Salchow in New York before continuing his studies in France with BenoƮt Rolland. In 2001, after working for Georges Tepho for several years, he returned to the United States to Port Townsend, Washington - a major center of American bow making - to collaborate with other prominent bow makers. Settling in Northfield, Minnesota, Wehling established his own business where he currently restores and makes bows. Wehling has won numerous awards for his bows, including five Gold Medals and several Certificates of Merit in competitions held by the Violin Society of America since 2006, earning the title of "Hors Concours." In 2011, he won first prize for a cello bow at the Etienne Vatelot Competition in Paris. A regular contributor of articles for Strings magazine, The Strad, and numerous VSA journals, Wehling was also among the bow experts chosen to contribute to the monumental reference book The Conservation, Restoration, and Repair of Stringed Instruments and Their Bows, published in 2011. Wehling's bows are highly sought after by prominent string players around the world.

Round. Gold and ebony frog and button. 4/4
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