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Marco Nolli cello, Cremona 2012

Catalog ID: C-1979

Marco Nolli was born in Cremona on November 3rd, 1964. He studied at the “A. Stradivari International School of Violinmaking” and obtained his diploma as a Master Violinmaker in 1983 under the guidance of Giorgio Scolari and Stefano Conia. Then he apprenticed in the workshop of Master Scolari, where he developed his personal style.

In that same period he continued his musical studies in trumpet, double bass, voice, harmony and conducting. He currently conducts the “Fanfara dei Bersaglieri”, of Cremona. He teaches courses in construction and set-up of bowed string instruments at the “A. Stradivari” Institute. He collaborates closely with Franco Petracchi, who commissioned him to make a copy of his instrument. In addition to making violins, violas, cellos and double basses, he also make copies of antique instruments and does restoration.

He has participated with success at important violinmaking competitions both in Italy and abroad and has been awarded numerous prizes and honors. Today, his instruments are sought after by talented Italian and foreign musicians and by international orchestras, who appreciate both the workmanship and the acoustic qualities of his works. These include the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Lausanne Symphony Orchestra, Valencia Orchestra, Nagoya Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Length of back: 746 mm 4/4
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