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Andre Chardon viola bow

Catalog ID: C-1886

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Bernard Millant

From a long line of Parisian luthiers, André Chardon (1897 - 1963) was the great-grandson of the prominent early 19th century violin maker and dealer Georges Chanot (1801 - 1883), the grandson of Joseph (Marie-Joseph Georges) Chardon (1843 - 1930), and the son of Georges (Marie-Joseph Antoine Georges) Chardon (1870 - 1949).

André studied violin making with his father, before leaving to serve in World War I in 1915. In 1919, he returned to Paris, where he worked in his father's workshop primarily as a bow maker, then established his own business. The family workshop -- named Chanot et Chardon in 1872, and renamed Chardon et fils (also Chardon père et fils) around 1900 -- was a highly successful shop that employed numerous top makers over its nearly 100 years in business, including Auguste Barbé, Justin Poirson, Victor Fétique, Louis Piernot, François Lotte, and Marcel Lapierre. Upon Georges’ death in 1949, André and his sister Joséphine Chardon (1901 - 1981) -- among the very few early 20th century female violin makers -- took over the family business.

Round. Silver and ebony frog and button.

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