Jean Dominique Adam violin bow, Mirecourt circa 1830

Jean Dominique Adam violin bow, Mirecourt circa 1830
Catalog ID: C-1885

A French violin bow made, in our opinion, by Jean Dominique Adam in Mirecourt circa 1830 and mounted with later fittings.

Born in Mirecourt, Jean Dominique Adam (1795–1842) was the son of bowmaker Jean Adam I and the father of renowned bowmaker Jean “Grand'' Adam II. Jean Dominique served a traditional apprenticeship around 1807–1810, probably with his father, whose assistant he later became. He quickly surpassed his father in the quality of his work and developed his father’s style to a greater degree of finesse and sophistication. His work exhibits a high degree of elegance and displays the influence of Étienne Pajeot, though he avoided the use of the coulisse or metal underslide, which became popular around 1830. Jean Dominique worked in collaboration with his father and with his son until his son’s departure for Paris. He is known to have supplied bows to several of the leading French dealers of his time.

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Jean-François Raffin

Round. Later ebony and silver fittings. 4/4
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Instrument Style Adam, Jean Dominique