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15 1/4" Johannes Cuypers viola, The Hague 1767

Catalog ID: C-1878

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Reuning and Son Violins

Dutch violin maker Johannes Theodorus Cuypers was born in Dornick in the Netherlands (now Emmerich, Germany) in 1724 and died in The Hague in 1808. Although little information about Cuypers' early life and training exists, he most likely studied with Jean Joseph (Baptiste) Wattier, who was established in The Hague c. 1724 - 1755. Cuypers' earlier instruments also suggest the influence of French makers, sharing characteristics with those of Louis Guersan (1713 - 1781), who was based in Paris. Cuypers trained his sons in violin making: Johannes Franciscus (1766 - 1828), who opened a workshop in Amsterdam, and Johannes Bernardus (1781 - 1840), whose own son, Johannes Franciscus Jr. (1808 - 1881) continued the Cuypers business in The Hague, until becoming a piano dealer in the mid 19th century. Considered one of the most important Dutch violin makers, Cuypers' instruments are very highly regarded and sought after.

Length of back: 387 mm 15” up to 15 1/2"
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