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French cello labeled <i>Jean Plumerel</i>, Mirecourt circa 1840

Catalog ID: C-1545

Cello labeled "Jean Plumerel", Mirecourt c. 1840

Due to the common promotional practice of makers and dealers to label instruments with the names of more popular or prestigious makers, the attribution of some instruments is frequently uncertain.

This cello, labeled "Jean Plumerel, Mirecourt 1740," is believed to have been made a century later, c. 1840, and labeled by an instrument dealer. Although the true attribution of the cello is unknown, we offer the following information about the Plumerel family of violin makers:

The Plumerel family of violin makers dates from the 18th century, when Jean Plumerel is recorded as working in Mirecourt and Paris, France between 1727 and 1752. The dynasty continued throughout the 19th century with Charles Plumerel (1808–1885), who was born in Mirecourt and worked in Marseilles, Angers, and Paris between 1828 and 1865. Located in the same district as the workshops of Charles François Gand, George Chanot, the Bernardel family, and Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, the Plumerel workshop labeled instruments "Jean Plumerel" and "Plumerel à Paris," and may have employed other Plumerel family luthiers, including Charles Plumerel II and François Plumerel, whose instruments labeled "F. Plumerel" also date from the mid 19th century.

Length of back: 757 mm 4/4
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