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16 1/2" Amedee Dieudonne viola, Mirecourt 1955

Catalog ID: C-1512

French luthier Amédée Dieudonné was born in 1890 in Mirecourt, and died there in 1960. He studied with Gustave Bazin, the son of bow maker Charles Nicolas Bazin, before moving to Brussels to work at the atelier of Hilaire Darché. He returned to Mirecourt in 1920, where he became a prolific and highly respected maker.

Dieudonné built instruments for some of the world's top violin dealers, including Paul Blanchard, Marc Laberte, Amati Mangenot, and Bernard Millant of France, as well as Rudolph Wurlitzer and William Moennig of the United States.

Length of back: 418 mm 16 1/2" and larger

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