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Pietro Messori violin, Modena 1927
Catalog ID: C-1373

Pietro Messori (1870-1952) is among the most celebrated makers of the early 20th century modern Italian school. After studying in Modena with Giuseppe Sgarbi (1818-1905), he moved to Munich, Germany to work with Giuseppe Fiorini (1861-1934), one of Italy's greatest authorities and influential copyists of Stradivari. Messori returned to Modena to establish his own workshop, where this violin was made. Messori's instruments were awarded medals in numerous World's Fairs, including Paris in 1900, Turin in 1902, St. Louis, Missouri in 1904, and Milan in 1906.

This violin includes a certificate of authenticity from Reuning & Son Violins.

Pietro Messori, Modena 1927. Shaded crimson varnish. 356mm. 4/4
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