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Paul Weidhaas violin bow, circa 1935

Paul Weidhaas violin bow, circa 1935
Catalog ID: A-VNB/4820

Among the most important German bow makers of the mid-20th century, Paul Weidhaas (1894–1962) was born in Markneukirchen. He received his initial training from his father, Ewald Weidhaas, before going on to work with Winterling in Hamburg, the prominent German town where he would complete his master’s examination in 1918. Paul then returned to his hometown of Markneukirchen to assume the management of his father’s workshop.

Known for his keen business sense as well as the high quality of his bows, Paul traveled extensively to gain knowledge and expand his network. After developing contacts in Holland with Möller, Vedral, and Stüber, he spent time in Paris working with Victor Fétique. These influences are evident in his work, and his bows are appreciated by players and collectors alike.

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Round. Ebony and silver fittings. 4/4
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Instrument Style Weidhaas, Paul