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7/8 W. E. Hill and Sons silver-mounted violin bow. Stamped with a 2 at the tip plate indicating the work of Edgar Bishop.
Catalog ID: A-VNB/3636

Begun in 1880 by William Ebsworth Hill, the London-based company of W. E. Hill & Sons grew to become one of the most important in violin making history for over 100 years. As leading experts on historic Cremonese instruments, W. E. and his four sons handled the restoration and sales of the world’s finest instruments, including those of Stradivari and Guarneri. Particularly known for their bows, Hill & Sons employed top bow makers, including Edgar Bishop (1904 - 1943), who it is believed made this 7/8 size violin bow. Unusual in its size, the bow measures slightly shorter than the full-size modern bow, and handles extremely well.

W. E. Hill and Sons. Round. Silver and ebony frog. 4/4
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