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Adolf Schuster viola bow

Catalog ID: A-VAB/4100

German bow maker Adolf Curt Schuster (1890–1947) is one of the more prominent bow makers of the Schuster dynasty of luthiers working throughout the 19th century and well into the 20th century. Numerous makers with the popular surname, who were not necessarily related, worked in various German workshops, including the highly productive firm of Schuster & Co., which was based in Markneukirchen.

Adolf Schuster apprenticed in the workshops of Wilhelm August Pretzschner and August Rau, both who ran successful businesses in Markneukirchen. After serving in World War I, Schuster returned to Markneukirchen to establish his own shop in 1918. He made his bows in the French style, influenced by models of Fran├žois Tourte, Fran├žois Nicolas Voirin, and James Tubbs.

Adolf Schuster's bows are branded "A.C. Schuster" on the stick, and also bear a stamp on the frog depicting an eagle carrying a bow in its talons. Among his students was Johannes O. Paulus (b. 1916).

Round. Silver and ebony frog and button.