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Victor Fétique cello bow

Catalog ID: A-CEB/4421

A French cello bow made, in our opinoin, by Victor Fétique. The round stick is branded VIDOUDEZ GENÈVE and mounted with the original ebony and silver fittings.

One of the most influential bow makers of the early 20th century, Victor François Fétique (1872-1933) was born in Mirecourt, France into a family of luthiers. Son of violin maker Charles-Claude Fétique (1853-1911), and brother of bow maker Jules Fétique (1875-1951), Victor studied in various Mirecourt workshops, then worked for Charles Nicolas Bazin II. In 1901, Fétique moved to Paris to join Caressa & Français, before establishing his own workshop in 1913, where his son Marcel Gaston Fétique (1899-1977), and his nephew André Richaume also trained as bow makers. Fétique employed numerous celebrated bow makers, including Claude Thomassin and Louis Morizot, and his prolific shop produced bows for many French violin firms who stamped the bows with their own brands, including Léon Bernardel, Collin-Mézin, Chanot & Chardon, Paul Jombar, and Alfred Vidoudez. Fétique bows are very highly regarded and sought after by professional players and collectors.

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Jean François Raffin, Yannick Le Canu, and Sylvain Bigot

Round. Ebony and silver fittings. 4/4
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