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Johann Wilhelm Knopf cello bow

Catalog ID: A-CEB/4084

A German cello bow made, in our opinion, by Johann Wilhelm Knopf in Markneukirchen circa 1900

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Salchow and Sons.

Among the numerous members of the illustrious Knopf dynasty German luthiers based in Markneukirchen, Johann Wilhelm Knopf (1835 - 1912) was the son of Karl Wilhelm Knopf (1803 - 1860), and brother of Heinrich Carl Knopf (1839 - 1875).

Johann Wilhelm studied violin and bow making at his family's workshop in Markneukirchen, before following his uncle Christian Friedrich Knopf (1815 - 1897) to Dresden, with whom he worked at the renowned bow workshop of Ludwig Bausch. Johann Wilhelm's own nephew, Henry (Heinrich) Richard Knopf (1860 - 1939) would found one of the earliest and most important violin shops in the United States, H. R. Knopf and Sons Violins in New York city in 1880. Knopf bows are very highly regarded by professional players.

Round. Silver and ebony frog and button. 4/4
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