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Arthur Barnes cello bow for W. E. Hill and Sons
Catalog ID: A-CEB/3896

An English cello bow made, in our opinion, by Arthur Barnes at the firm of W. E. Hill and Sons. Branded H&S.

English bow maker Arthur J. Barnes (1888 - 1945) began making bows in 1919 for the London-based company W. E. Hill and Sons, one of the most important firms in violin making history. His bows, stamped with the number 5, exhibit the work of a skilled craftsman, although he himself was unable to hear the music they produced, due to his deafness. He produced a significant output of violin, viola, and cellos bows through 1939, the year he left Hill and Sons to serve in World War II.

Round. Silver and ebony frog and button. 4/4

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