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Claude Thomassin nickel-mounted cello bow, stamped Gustave Bernardel
Catalog ID: A-CEB/3825

One of the most important and prolific bow makers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, French bow maker Claude Auguste Thomassin (1865-1942) studied with his father, bow maker Louis Thomassin (1856-1905) in Mirecourt. Thomassin later apprenticed with Charles Nicolas Bazin II in Mirecourt before moving to Paris c. 1885 to work at Gand & Bernardel. The bows from Thomassin's early period at Gand & Bernardel were stamped with the firm's name or as Gustave Bernardel, such as the cello bow offered here. Thomassin established his own business in 1901, where he produced a vast output of bows branded with his own name.

  • Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Salchow and Sons.
Claude Thomassin Round. Nickel and ebony frog and button. 4/4

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