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Paul Hilaire cello, Paris 1962

Catalog ID: A-CE/4050

Paul Hilaire cello no. 150, Paris 1962

French luthier Paul Hilaire was born in 1906 in Mirecourt, where he worked as Georges Apparut's main assistant. Upon Apparut's death in 1948, Hilaire ran the business with Apparut's widow, renaming the firm "Apparut & Hilaire." In 1957, Jean Charles Eulry (b. 1907) joined the workshop as Hilaire's assistant, taking over the workshop when Hilaire died in 1967.

While Hilaire's output of over 750 instruments includes violins, violas, viola d'amores, and double basses, he is particularly known and highly regarded for his cellos.

Length of back: 758 mm 4/4
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