Mario Gadda cello, Mantua 1972
Catalog ID: A-CE/3869

Italian maker Mario Gadda (1931 - 2008) was born in Mantua in 1931 and died there in 2008. He was a student of his father, the renowned maker Gaetano Gadda (1900 - 1956), who studied and worked with Stefano Scarampella and took over the Scarampella workshop in 1925. Mario Gadda built instruments together with his father based on models by Scarampella and master Cremonese makers, while developing his own style and models. Inheriting the workshop after his father's death in 1956, Gadda continued a prolific output specializing in Scarampella and Balestrieri copies. His instruments display superlative craftsmanship and are very highly sought after by professional players.

Mario Gadda, Mantua 1972 754.5 mm 4/4
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