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Joseph Bassot violin

Featured Violin

About Joseph Bassot

French luthier Joseph Bassot was born in Mirecourt in 1740 and died in Paris c. 1808. Among the many violin makers of Mirecourt who moved to Paris during the second half of the18th century, Bassot is notable for his innovative approach of combining Cremonese techniques with his classic French training. He was established in Paris by the late 1770s, when Italian instruments were beginning to appear, brought by virtuoso emigrés such as violinist G. B. Viotti, who arrived in 1782 with his Stradivari. Influenced by other Cremonese instruments that survived the French Revolution, Bassot copied many elements of construction to create his unique style. An important figure in the history of French violin making for bridging the Italian and French styles, he is considered by some to be equal in workmanship and technique to his contemporary Nicolas Lupot, who further incorporated Italian methods.

About This Violin

Paris 1804 358 mm

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Jan Strick.

16 1/2 German Viola labeled Wenzl Fuchs

Featured Viola

About Wenzl Fuchs

German luthier Wenzl Fuchs (c. 1900–c. 1980) worked in the Bohemian town of Schönbach (now Luby, Czech Republic), known for its violin making. Among the many German instrument makers forced out of the town after World War II, Fuchs moved to Erlangen, Germany near Bubenreuth, where he continued to produce well-crafted instruments.

About This Viola

16 1/2 German circa 1920 labeled Wenzl Fuchs, Erlangen 419 mm

Noel Sweetman cello

Featured Cello

About Noel Sweetman

Born in New Zealand and with roots as an electronics technician, Noel Sweetman is a second generation luthier. His father Ian precedes him, and his son Mark J. Sweetman continues the family profession.

Based in Cambridge, NZ, Sweetman specializes in restoration and replicas. He has been profiled by local news sources for his work copying the Guarneri del Gesu, il Cannone played by Nicolo Paganini. He also makes his own tools from unusual materials, such as deer antlers.

Outside of his day job, Sweetman lives on a farm in the country in Waikato, where he raises lambs and dairy cattle.

About This Cello

New Zealand 2005 743 mm

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