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Eastman Guitars

Can you get a hand-made acoustic guitar in today's mass-produced industry?
Yes you can!

Built by a company that grew up making fine violins, the Eastman guitar line is a testament to the power of human ingenuity. From the painstaking selection, storing and aging of the woods to the labor-intensive hand shaping of the neck and body parts, the artisans behind Eastman guitars are keeping alive a tradition that began hundreds of years ago.

It all starts with the materials

Your fingers will thank you
Ebony fretboards serve double duty. Sure, they look good but they are also incredibly durable, a critical feature in a fretboard. Ebony fretboards are also easier on the fingers, which allows guitarists to play longer without stress or fatigue.

Your ears will rejoice
Eastman guitars all feature solid Spruce tops, which offer a resonant, open sound. The solid woods of the backs and sides -- Mahogany, Rosewood and Sapele -- each contribute a characteristic richness to the tone. Finally, the solid Mahogany necks enhance the tone even further.

The sound will last
A bone nut, combined with an Ebony and bone bridge and saddle maximize sustain, so these instruments ring out in any venue.

Eastman Guitars Spcifications

Advantage of hand tools

Are machine-produced instruments cheaper and easier to make? You bet. But handcrafting a guitar gives a talented luthier the ability to work with and embellish on the strengths of each individual piece, thus creating an instrument of impeccable quality. Your hands ears will appreciate the care with which each guitar is built.

Why guitars of this quality are so affordable

Made in China, to exacting U.S. specs
The quality at the guitar factory is nothing short of phenomenal. Combined with the knowledge and experience of American designers, this results in terrific instruments at prices you won't believe.

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Acoustic Acoustic/
Series/Model Natural Natural
Sunburst Tobacco
Small-bodied for easier playing and travel.
E10 see more
E10 see more
E20 see more
E20 see more
Full-sized guitars that are great all purpose instruments.
E10 see more
E20 see more
E20 see more
Classic full-sized guitar.
E10 see more
Slope Shoulder
Full-sized with a sweet woody tone.
E10 see more
Grand Auditorium
Full-sized guitars that are great all purpose instruments.
AC322 see more
AC422 see more
AC322CE see more
AC422CE see more
Arch Top
Famous electric used by many.
AR371CE see more