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K&M iPad Holder with Clamp-on mount for music stands
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The K&M iPad Holder is one of those products that comes along making you wonder how you ever got along without it! It was the number 1 request at INFOCOMM 2010 and the Top Hit at NAMM 2011! This handy, K&M quality iPad holder can clamp onto any tube with a .27" to 1.18" diameter which means it can be used with music stands, microphone stands, even boom stands. The holder utilizes a prismatic connecter allowing pivoting range second to none. Your iPad will clip into and out of the holder effortlessly while easily rotating between landscape and portrait format and can be conveniently turned and secured in any position throughout the 90 degree range. It has a load capacity of 1.65 lbs. and the heavy plastic plate measures 7.76" X 9.96".

Catalog ID: MAK&M1972/B

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